nature series: plant magic, sydney.

plant magic is a conversation series about the power of plants, nature, ritual and intuitive healing in our modern life.

jasmine from anamundi studio is in conversation with erin lovell rinder, practitioner, healer and plant medicine woman, discussing all things nature and holistic magic.

an indian & sri lankan inspired plant based feast from the soulful kitchen of om cade (cade mcconnell), followed the conversation.

the event took place at the perfect space, wild kombucha bar by ballsy in leichhardt.

photography by boston parker


sri lankan dahl

red lentils / homemade curry paste / fresh coconut & pandan milk

pumpkin, papaya & coconut curry

jap pumpkin & red papaya / lemongrass & kaffir lime / roasted ceylon spices / fresh coconut milk

greens w/ peanut & kaffir lime satay

seasonal greens / house satay / seeds / herbs 

wattleseed spiced cauliflower

oven-roasted cauliflower florets / spiced wattleseed marinade /

south indian beetroot thoran 

shredded beets / fresh curry leaves / toasted coconut / keralan masala

fig, almond & ginger chutney

slow-cooked spiced dates + figs / fresh ginger / roasted almonds

saffron, fennel + rose pilau

rain-fed basmati / saffron / aromatic whole spices / rose water

almond & pink peppercorn dukkah

dry roasted almonds / seeds / rose pepper / spices