nature series: plant magic, byron bay

an evening of nature, ritual & soul food.

anamundi studio // erin lovell rinder // om cade

photography by isabel sasse


jackfruit curry

local young jackfruit, slow-cooked in house-made coconut milk, w/ pandanus leaf and freshly ground curry paste.

sri lankan dahl

red split lentils simmered in a homemade curry paste and coconut milk.

north indian ‘babaganoush’

smoked eggplant, tamarind, coriander and spices.

south indian papaya salad

shredded local green papaya, toasted coconut, greens, curry leaves tempered w/ south indian spices.

rose & fennel pollen rice

steamed basmati rice, fennel pollen and rose water.

fig, almond & ginger chutney

slow cooked figs, dates and ginger w/ toasted almonds.

purple carrot & coconut chutey

roasted purple carrots and coconut flesh, tempered mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves.

cashew & pink pepper dukkah

hand-ground whole spices, toasted cashews and sweet rose pepper.

cripsy kale

oven roasted lemon-salted kale chips.

inspired by travels through sri lanka and india.

nothing from a jar or can, all homemade from scratch using whole organic ingredients.