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the words of others

“i recently had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of cade’s marvellous cooking and i was blown away by the effort, good energy and superb ingredients. the perfect combination of flavours and textures and all made from scratch by one clever man. everything worked perfectly together and it was a truly special dining experience. can’t wait to do it again!”

/  Amanda - churchfarm general store  /

“being invited to sit at the table with cade is like going on a magic carpet ride. all your senses are ignited and you are transformed. i dream of the next time he serves me.”

/ melissa ambrosini - bestselling author, speaker & podcaster - @melissaambrosini /

“dear cade, my soul and belly were truly nourished by your carefully prepared and beautifully presented offering on sunday. so much gratitude for the goodness you gifted! x nat”

/ Nat denning - fallow store /

“i was lucky enough to experience one of cade’s delicious ayurvedic feasts at a friend’s wedding recently, and it felt like the perfect fit for an event celebrating love. there’s so much love in his food, you can seriously taste it! the attention to detail, the quality of the ingredients and the intention that’s behind each creation shines through. makes my mouth water just thinking about it.“

/ nina karnikowski - @travelswithnina /

“dear cade, thank you beyond words for such a beautiful class, cooking experience, offering of food, shared space, gathering of wonderful humans with even more wonderful energy today. incredibly grateful to have been a part of your amazing workshop. HEART (&belly) FULL of all the goodness. so inspired!!! food is very dear to my heart. just a little slice of magic my dad instilled in me as a kid. warm & happy soul this afternoon and unapologetic new pineapple chutney addict. xx”

/ Haley calderon - yin yoga teacher (creature yoga) /

“cade’s delicious food looks as good as it taste’s. every dish is presented beautifully, you can feel the love and pride he takes when creating each dish”

/ lisa stein - interior designer /

"hi cade, so so wonderful meeting you the other evening. lucious and i loved the meditation and delicious food. we brought the left overs to a potluck, sharing tastiness with more folks. thank you for the gifts of food and balance."

/  Cheyenne clarke - traveller  /

“thank you for a beautiful meditation and dinner, it was so lovely to meet you!”

/  Nadera adil - freelance artist /

“you can feel, see, smell and taste cade’s love and passion for healing, nourishing and exceptionally yummy food in every morsel. cade is ode to old ‘you are what you eat’ saying in every way. blessings and thanks”

/ Natasha Welsh - kundalini yoga & meditation teacher /

"your cooking, it fascinates me. can't wait until i can nourish my bones again"

/  hannah brauer - bisque interiors  /

“dear cade, thank you.

again, thank you for the warm, inclusive class you held last night. i know i sat back and observed, which might have appeared stand-offish or reserved, which would be far from the truth. i enjoyed the subtle release of crushed spices, the thick air of coconut, the warm pungent smell of garlic being released. at the preparation table, i saw a canvas of colours that continued to move around like the oil paint would under the brush of a renaissance artist. i heard the music of togetherness as people shared, laughed, sniffed and hummed their delights in the surprise of taste. then everyone coming together under the night sky - open, happy, connected through the basic of life: food - gifted a moment in time of communal acceptance. if i had been busy in just one of the preparation tasks, my natural disposition would have been to purposefully focus and in so doing, narrow-in and I would have missed the full richness of the wonderful experience.

regards, kim”

/ kim lorraine - avoca workshop participant /

“hello, i just wanted to say thanks again for reigniting a grateful relationship to nourishment and preparing food at the retreat last week. i’ve been eating whole, beautiful foods all week even after late night teaching and early starts.”

/ Julieanne Bergmann - neighbourhood yoga /

“my wife and i attended cade’s sri lankan cooking workshop. after recently experimenting with a vegetarian diet, i was a bit worried about knowing what to cook, and having the right skills. cade’s calm presence and simple and fun approach to conscious cooking was inspiring and left me very excited about this journey. i would recommend this to anyone that is passionate about food, and wants to spend a very relaxing day in a beautiful setting with good people!”

/ andrew dennis - the academy martial arts byron bay /

“cade is a truly a divine and gentle soul, creating and holding such an incredible space for conscious meal creation. he presents the class in such a beautiful and engaging way so that i feel empowered to re create the dishes, at home on my own! i would have previously never attempted to create such meals as I would have been overwhelmed with the complexity and sheer volume of ingredients. however, cade presents these in such a fashion that i can and have created so many tasty delights! a truly delightful experience, drawing on his expansive knowledge and innate relationship with all these revered foods.”

/ tammy dickson - the probiotic line /

“the combination of cade's beautiful energy, his love and knowledge of cooking and the fresh, organic ingredients he uses all combine to create a magical, nourishing feast like no other. i'm looking forward to the next time i can share in cade's wonderland of whole foods.”

/ steph watson - vedic meditation teacher /

“cade’s passion for what he shares is so inspiring. anyone can teach a cooking workshop but his humbleness and grace is something so special to experience. thank you cade for sharing your gift”

/ tamsyn neill - entrepreneur /

“hi cade. we can’t thank you enough for the experience last night. it was so much more than anything we had imagined. it left us feeling so full, not just our stomach’s but our hearts also. from the moment you spoke we knew we were in the presence of a truly special human, and you certainly proved that over the course of the evening. so much more than a cooking class, this was a heart opening, one of a kind experience for us. we didn’t just learn, we grew. thank you again”

/ melissa whitmore - cooking workshop participant /

“what a wonderful way to spend an evening, learning a new skill, eating delicious food and spending time with friends old and new. cade was an excellent teacher and the food was so fresh and yummy. the recipes were a breeze to follow and will be easy to replicate at home. thank you cade!”

/ catie kerris - avoca cooking workshop attendee /