what is a yogi? - what this means to me…

a yogi is one who does not practice with pretentiousness.

a yogi does not fuss over counting calories.

a yogi consumes wholesome & plant-based food. They see a soul behind the eyes of animals.

a yogi moves in harmony with the breath on their mat, releasing tension, enhancing balance, flexibility & strength.

a yogi breathes consciously, using the full breathing apparatus.

a yogi relaxes without stimulation, in silence, observing the body and mind.

a yogi practices regular solitude, although, understanding & acknowledging they are never ‘alone’

a yogi does prioritise chasing worldly pleasures, they find pleasure internally, through their natural surroundings and connection.

a yogi thinks with optimism & makes decisions from wisdom.

a yogi can interact with all beings, as they see humanity as one.

a yogi teaches from their own experience of suffering & growth. they live their truth.

a yogi lives with a purpose of self discovery & alignment with source / creation (god).

a yogi believes we are a result of our past karma. to do good, we must be good.

a yogi understands the true reality and the illusion of the material world.

a yogi does not live in fear of death, they see death as a step closer to home.

a yogi is in service. they give & share to others.

a yogi has an intention to fully awaken, to live in high consciousness & to ultimately reach enlightenment.

a modern yogi integrates these values into the modern world.

captured by bec johnson

captured by bec johnson