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cade offers a creative & unique food experience for your event, retreat or private function.

he understands that food plays a major role in any setting, generally being the facet most remembered. he is confident in enhancing your event with consciously prepared food along with friendly service, passion and knowledge. his cooking reflects his own life journey, inspired by travels local and abroad, and softened by his practices of yoga and meditation. he offers a gentle and conscious approach to food crafting, sticking to organic and seasonal produce, minimal packaging and wastage, and preparing food from scratch.  he serves his food in many unique forms of cookware, from rustic ceramic bowls and plates, to handmade clay pots and hand-beaten copper spoons, which all add to the unique food experience.

cade's menus offer:

⋙ a wholesome, nourishing and creative collection of plant-based dishes.

⋙ all prepared mindfully with consciousness, warm intention & love.

⋙ seasonal, organic & local market produce.

⋙ free from dairy, refined sugar, (gluten optional)

⋙ only organic & cold-pressed oils used in cooking (extra virgin olive oil & cold-pressed coconut oil)

sample menu…

menu served for lunch at @luckymama_aus retreat at elements resort in byron bay.

menu served for lunch at @luckymama_aus retreat at elements resort in byron bay.

picnic style plant-based lunch @luckymama_aus

picnic style plant-based lunch @luckymama_aus